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Contract for Services

For a sample Contract for Services with Individuals or Personal Services Corporations please go to Sample contracts are found under either subheading Appendix F-1 and Appendix F-2.


To ensure that all necessary permits are obtained prior to importation please visit the Strategic Procurement website.


Disposing of Surplus Goods

Any questions regarding Disposing of Surplus Goods should be directed to John Bentley, Customs & Traffic, at

If the goods are valued at $1000 CAD or higher, request and complete the Asset Disposal Form. Once complete, send it to John Bentley for the next steps. If the goods are valued under $1000 CAD, you can try auction them. Peter Johns is the contact provide Peter your department name and Peter will assist with the rest.

If you have a party interested in the goods you may sell, however, if valued over $1000, the Asset Disposal is Required and John Bentley is to be notified. If the goods cannot be sold, but you wish to donate contact a local charity that may find use.

Employee Discounts

Information on discounted phone plans can be found on UTS webpage.


Please find more information on MacBuy at

Mosaic Questions

The support documents can be uploaded using the “Add Comments’ section. Important Note: Attachments may be viewed/accessed by others. Therefore, please redact/edit any personal information.

Purchase Orders

All payment inquires should be directed to Accounts Payable.

Individual making requisition will be notified via email of PO number once requisition is approved and dispatched to supplier.

PO’s created during the weekend will be released the next following business day.

The orders under under the $10,000 require one quote to satisfy the Procurement threshold requirements. Requisitioners should attach the quote in PeopleSoft. Both Internal Audit and Purchasing will be looking for the quote when auditing the purchase order.

There are 3 choices: US Dollar, US Dollar next day and US Dollar same day. Please use the US Dollar only option.

All invoices that relate to a purchase order should be sent to Accounts Payable at the One James North, room 320.

Purchase Requisition

Please find instructions on entering a Purchase Requisition at

The purchase dollar value is pre-tax. However, shipping and installation charges, if applicable, are included in the total value of the purchase.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

If the value of the good or service is greater than $100k (and you do not have an approved Single/Source certificate), then a RFP is required.

Please contact the the Manager of Strategic Procurement For the most updated forms.

Commodities & Procurement Specialists

If the value of the good or service is greater than $100k (and you do not have an approved Single/Source certificate), then a RFP is required.

Requests for Quotations (RFQs)

For information on Requests for Quotations (RFQs), please refer to the Strategic Procurement (SP-01) policy or contact a Procurement Specialist for further assistance.

Single / Sole Certificate

Effective November 1, 2018, the Limited Tendering Approval Form replaced the Single/Sole Source Form for making a purchase when only one supplier or service provider may be able, or capable of, providing the required goods or services. A signed copy of the Limited Tendering Approval Form along with supporting documentation must be included with the purchase requisition prior to making a commitment to the supplier, similar to process with the Single/Sole Source Form process. For additional details, please review the Policy or contact Strategic Procurement.

Effective November 1, 2018, the Single / Sole Source form was replaced with the Limited Tendering Approval Form. Signatures on the Limited Tendering Approval Form are required from the Requestor, Account Holder and one level higher than the Account Holder.

Supplier Inquiry

Go to the PeopleSoft Login page at To setup suppliers not currently entered in PeopleSoft please go to the following link: Main Menu | Finance | Purchasing | Requisitions | Supplier Setup Change Request Select the”Add a New Value” tab. This will lead you to an online form which you will need to complete and submit online. When you hit submit the form is sent to Strategic Procurement who will enter the information into PeopleSoft and assign a new supplier number.

You can find a listing of approved suppliers at

All Dell orders will be received within 10 business days. If the order was placed on the Premier page, the requisitioner can track the delivery status by clicking the tracking hyperlink.

McMaster’s preferred courier is Fedex. However you can use any courier you choose. If using a courier other than Fedex, your department must register for their own courier account and is responsible for administering that account.

Each department at the university has their own Fed Ex number. Please check with you departmental administrator, or contact Customs and Traffic.

You can make such a purchase as long as following SP01 guidelines