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Sustainable Procurement

McMaster University understands as an institution that spends millions of dollars on supplies and equipment each year, we have a responsibility to consider the social, environmental, and economics of the goods and services we purchase.

McMaster University’s invested asset pools each use a responsible investment strategy.

Responsible Investing


Strategic Procurement at McMaster University works closely with suppliers, students, faculty, and staff to ensure our purchases support our university sustainability commitment. Our commitment involves the evaluation of product and services with the goal of providing the best value, while also considering total cost of ownership with the lowest environmental and social impact.

One of the ways we reduce social and environmental impact is to partner with like-minded suppliers.  McMaster has established relationships with several contracted suppliers to reduce the impact of the university’s purchasing practices.  Through our relationships with our suppliers, we aim to reduce the negative environmental impact of high-volume delivery traffic on campus and increase the demand for more sustainable products and services.