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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Financial Affairs key performance indicators are based on tracking broad organizational financial health and more localized support metrics meaningful to Faculty, staff, and/or students.

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Credit Rating

Strategic Indicators Assessment
Credit Rating Target AA- or better Achieved
DBRS AA Stable
S&P AA Stable

Debt Policy Ratios

Strategic Indicators Assessment
Debt Management Policy Ratios Achieved
Guideline 2017/2018
Available expendable resources to debt > 1.0 2.0
Interest Coverage Ratio > 3.25 12.7
Available expendable resources as % of revenue >15% 50%
Liquidity > 1 2.5

Investment Returns

Strategic Indicators Assessment
Investment Pool 4-year Annualized Return better than policy benchmark (March 2018: 6.7%) Achieved (7.2%)
Salaried Pension Plans 4-year Annualized Return better than policy benchmark (March 2018: 7.3%) Achieved (8.0%)
Hourly Pension Plan 4-year Annualized Return better than policy benchmark (March 2018: 6.0%) Achieved (7.1%)

Investment Pool Carbon Intensity

Sustainability Indicator Assessment
Investment pool carbon intensity less than policy benchmark carbon intensity

(April 30, 2018: Policy benchmark carbon intensity 178.5 tCO2e/$M invested)

Achieved (142.0 tCO2e/$M invested)


Note: MSCI Global Equities Ex Fossil Fuels = 142.5 tCO2e/$M invested


Processing & Support Turnaround

Operational Indicators Assessment
AP Processing- Expense Reports <1 Business Day Achieved
AP Help Line Response <1 Business Day Achieved
SP Approved Requisition Batching to PO Each Business Day (~10:30A.M. and ~2:30P.M) Achieved
SP Purchase Order Issuance to Vendors Each Business day (~4:30) Achieved
Requisition creation help: response time < 1 business day Achieved

MacBuy 5-Year Project

Project Indicators Assessment
Savings Target by 2025 $3.7M/Year (3rd Party Methodology) Coming Soon
Procurement card payment settlements by AP $27M/Year in fiscal 2019 to grow by 20% by 2023 Coming Soon
Reduced unit level time on procurement card reconciliations Coming Soon
Help Line: response time <1 business day Achieved


Supplier Contracts
Total Supplier Onboarded Fiscal 2019
Total Supplier Onboarded Fiscal 2020
ACTUAL: Coming Soon
Total Supplier Onboarded Fiscal 2021
ACTUAL: Coming Soon

Collaborative Spend

Operational Indicator Assessment
Fiscal 2019 Target greater than 15% Achieved (20.3%)

Fiscal 2018 Target greater than 15%

Achieved (19.2%)

Fiscal 2017 Target greater than 15%

Achieved (20.6%)
Fiscal 2016 Target greater than 12% Achieved (19.1%)

Fiscal 2015 Target greater than 10%

Achieved (16.0%)