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Buying for McMaster

McMaster University’s Purchasing Policy is aligned with the Province of Ontario’s Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, with the objective of ensuring that publicly funded goods and services, including construction, consulting services, and information technology, are acquired by the University using a process that is open, fair and transparent.

The Approval and Signing Authority Policy provides the following guidelines for purchasers using University Funds:

A.1 All Funds A.2 Research Fund Purchases A.3 Capital Funds Projects

Information Box Group

Limited Tender Purchases Download the form

If a purchaser intends to issue a Purchase Order, without the required number of competitive quotes according to the SP01 Procurement Policy guidelines, a Limited Tender form is required. The form provides information about the purchase and why any additional quotes were not obtained. The downloadable Limited Tendering form is used when purchasing within Mosaic. When using  MacBuy to facilitate your purchase the form is built in within the system and approval workflow is guided in the form.


Approved Suppliers Approved Suppliers

McMaster University has arranged contracts with many suppliers for commonly purchased goods and services across campus. Click the link below to view suppliers. Please also look within MacBuy to find approved suppliers. 

Purchase Orders / Mosaic / MacBuy Assistance per Commodity

Presently there are 2 ways to obtain a purchase order via Mosaic and MacBuy. MacBuy is McMaster’s NEW Procurement Purchasing System, which will in time become the ONLY system the University end-users will be using. To be trained on the MacBuy System please contact: (MACBUYHELP)

Checklist for Entering Requisition

  • Is the supplier set-up within MacBuy, if not request a new supplier via Mosaic.
  • Have you obtained all the required documents to support your purchase. Ex. quotes, contract (signed accordingly per the Signing Authority Policy)
  • Chart field to be used
  • Date of required delivery
  • Delivery Contact / Delivery location
    • Building
    • Room
    • Ph. Ext.
  • Fair Market Value (For ALL Research funded orders with discounts > $50K
  • Independent Contractor Questionnaire (required when an individual is providing Services for the University)
  • Is your purchase AODA compliant

Trade Agreements Information CETA/ CFTA / OQTCA

As per applicable trade agreements, CETA, CFTA, and OQTCA McMaster procurement processes are based on transparent and efficient framework that is fair and open to all Canada suppliers.

Currently there are two domestic trade agreements within Ontario:

Ontario is also subject to the (CETA) international trade agreement: